Social Media Tips
Interview-based Video Content for Your Website
Have you thought about adding video content to your website and social media? Have you heard about the advantages of video on your website, not just for SEO but more importantly, for converting website visitors into brick-and-mortar customers? This article is the first in a series on Video Production for the web, on the topic of the Anatomy of an Interview-based Video Story. Check out this story published by EContent Magazine to learn more Read More >
Simply Your Social Media Strategy
Don't get misdirected when it comes to social media. Make your strategy a smart one by following these three simple tactics.
Terms of Use Agreement for Your Website
Terms of Use Agreement is an important step a website operator/owner should take to protect their online business. Terms of Use Agreements can be used to set the ground rules between website operator and users as well as limit the conduct of users and jurisdiction in which disputes may be addressed.
Using Social Media For Business
Nobody can deny that that social media has taken the world by storm. Most individuals are connected to at least one social media site so social media marketing has never been more important. Here are 3 basics that you must know when using social media for business.
Social Media Engagement and Integration in 2016
Engagement is regularly posting and replying to your subscriber's comments. Integration is making sure you have links from your website to your YouTube, Facebook and Twitter channels, so people can really see who you are and what you are up to.
Tips for Increasing Your Business Visibility
Do you want to increase your web site’s ranking on the search engines? Here is a list of 7 free things you can do yourself to optimize your web site so that your customers can find you:
If you want to add a Recommend button to your dynamic Joomla website that points directly to the article the visitor is viewing you have a few options. There are some modules that you can install to add a Facebook "LIKE" button into each article, however you may want to put one dynamic link in your index page so that it will work on every page instead of just articles that you have inserted the module code.

Facebook Page for Business: Making a Fan Page

If you want to advertise your business on Facebook, then your first step should be making a fan page. Knowing how to create a Facebook fan page for business purposes is a great way to start promoting your website for free. And best of all, it's fairly easy to get started.