Javascript Tips
The Rapidly Changing Landscape of Mobile HTML5
HTML5, along with CSS3 and JavaScript, helps developers to build responsive websites that look good on each device. Also, the HTML5 applications deliver optimized viewing experience on desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and phablets. Unlike native and hybrid mobile apps, the HTML5 mobile apps run on web browsers.
Stop email spam by encrypting email addresses. Here is a handy bit of javascript code to obscure and link to email addresses in your site.

Need to remove special reserved characters in form fields?
Here you go - setup your field like this:

onBlur="var val = form.CurrentMonth.value; if (val) form.CurrentMonth.value=val.replace(\\$|,|@|#|~|`|\%|\*|\^|\\&|\(|\)|\+|\=|\[|\-|\_|\]|\[|\}|\{|\;|\:|\\'|\<|\>|\?|\||\\\|\!|\\$|\./g,\'\')

Here's a link to a simple javascript popup calendar:
Simple Javascript Popup Calendar

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